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Please review the MANDATORY NYS GUIDELINES for entering Saratoga Debut Salon & Boutique.

Sorry, We Are Closed Due to COVID-19

Hello all of our beautiful, gorgeous and handsome clients. As most of you know we tried to hang in there as long as we could and it is now time that we have to temporarily shut our doors at Saratoga Debut Salon + Boutique. Life has thrown us all quite a curveball and how we act and navigate from here will not only define us as individuals but as a world. All clients that have an appointment in the next few weeks, your stylist will reach be reaching out personally. We miss you all already and can’t wait to reopen and welcome you back with open arms a hugs and lots of hair LOVE!

Please know we are here for you if you need any type of hair advice or products, just leave us a message on the machine or reach out to your stylist and we will certainly do our best to get you what you need and curbside that out to you. That being said… please restrain yourself from trying out a new home career of becoming a stylist and box dying or cutting your hair. If you feel you are in desperate need maybe you could reach out and we can talk you through it. This too shall pass, we will all come out stronger and hopefully wiser as a whole society. We may need some hair help by then but, we will do everything in our power to get you all back into the schedule in the best way possible. We will be extending our hours and being creative once we are allowed to re-open.

We will miss all of you more than you know…

On a lighter note there is plenty of parking downtown. So if you would like to venture down and just walk around this beautiful town it truly is a remarkable beautiful place that shall rise from this. We can also take one page out of the Italian handbook and even though we may not have balconies joining one another but take the time to be with your family sing with them embrace them and love them stay close at this time and nurture the friendship and family that you have.

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